Design + Engineering Services

Food and Beverage Facility Design/Engineering

Effective, Efficient Solutions for your Food and Beverage Facility

By coordinating the design and engineering of a new food and beverage facility, CMC achieves the greatest levels of efficiency and effectiveness with every project. Our architectural and engineering teams generate effective and creative solutions to your facility needs based upon your design year volume projections. Given the proper design documents, the contracting group is then best able to utilize its negotiating skills.

Our architectural, engineering and construction teams interact on a daily basis. This interaction creates a mutual understanding of goals. The architectural and engineering teams know that each decision they make impacts construction cost. The construction team understands that there are instances in which increased construction cost is justified by enhanced operational performance.

By effectively integrating the talents of these three teams, CMC is able to deliver operationally efficient facilities at very competitive prices.

Value Designed into Every Project

To further enhance the value designed into every project we construct, CMC maintains a database which provides a detailed analysis of the historical cost of every component of each facility we have constructed. As this database is updated, our design packages are updated to ensure our competitive position.

When CMC generates a design for a food and beverage facility, you can be sure it has been thoroughly analyzed to deliver the proper balance between price and performance. This balanced design results in facilities that enhance our Client’s ability to maximize their efficiency.

Value Engineering

  • Systems evaluations
  • Component evaluations

Energy Conservation Measures

  • Refrigeration systems
  • Insulation systems

Utility Company Programming

  • Submittals to utility company
  • Maximize cash rebate
  • Maximize conservation

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Client Testimonials

“CMC has designed and built several Ready-to-Eat, food processing projects for Greencore. All were executed on extremely aggressive schedules within operating, USDA inspected, BRC facilities. The CMC team has consistently gone above and beyond the call to exceed our high expectations. Time and time again we go back to CMC to solve our toughest problems and they always come through for us.”
Liam McClennon, CEO