Network Analysis

April 17, 2018

World-class companies realize that supply chain strategy is one of the primary drivers of competitive differentiation, cost structure and industry-leading customer service. CMC Design Build understands this well – we know that before we even begin to design a building we need to design the business operation first. Our network analysis services are built around assessing current processes from raw materials through distribution and then to the end user. We work together with our clients to not only build a state of the art facility but to develop a deployable supply chain strategy that works to eliminate constraints to the business. We look at every element of the supply chain in order to improve performance and uncover a payback to the capital expenditure that lies in front of them.


The final network strategies adopted usually come with many tradeoffs. Capital investment, time, location, customer service levels, implementation and training time are just a couple of items that must be balanced to make a strategy work.  We help our clients to develop strategies through “what if scenario” modeling. “What if scenario”  modeling puts future business options into the current baseline to determine if a more efficient supply chain operation and customer service levels could be attained. With every decision there are counter effects.  Affected areas could be within sourcing, inventory deployment, warehouse or manufacturing facility utilization, material handling, transportation methods, site selection, and software implementation. These “what if scenarios” expose counter effects so companies can make exe

cutive decisions to attain the most balanced and cost effective operation. Our modeling effort helps uncover hidden revenue opportunities and optimization efficiencies that provide the projected revenue to pay for these new business ventures. On

ce the final network model is created, we help our clients develop a proforma which will be used to develop the overall projected internal rate of return for the project.


Once the strategy is chosen, the details and design need to be advanced to determine the true cost, size requirements, schedule and resources needed to implement this program. CMC is experienced in developing these design details.  The design and detail phase may take the form of logistics network configurations, site location searches, process equipment selection, conveyor or automation evaluations, facility material handling layouts, or technology enhancements.  Taking the business strategy agreed to and wrapping four walls around it is the culmination of the design phase.


With a strategy and clear design documents in hand, our team ensures that the projects we lead are successful and exceed expectations. Our team takes pride in driving the solutions through construction, implementation and/or training. Execution of these solutions is enhanced with the use of proven processes, schedules and a confident team of vendors, contractors and project management personnel. The implementation of the design solutions is the final critical element to achieving the overall business strategy.

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